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In the heady days of 2017, Revolut Ltd promised it would continue to add cryptocurrency choices for its customer base. The future promise was made after its rollout of onboarding bitcoin core (BTC), litecoin (LTC), and ether (ETH) to eager users. Just this week, the England-based company made good by further adding bitcoin cash (BCH) and ripple (XRP).

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Revolut Adds Bitcoin Cash and Ripple to its Crypto Offerings

In a series of questions and answers format for their unconventional press release this week, the company asked itself “Why did you only add XRP and BCH?” The answer was “Simple – these were the two most popular cryptocurrencies our community wanted, so we rolled up our sleeves and made it happen.” They went on to stress how they’re looking to do even more crypto-related service in the future, asking customers “make some noise and let us know what you want us to add next. We’ll take care of the rest.”

2 Million Revolut Customers Get More Cryptocurrency Access

London’s Revolut kept its promise. Following eager anticipation of its initial embrace of three cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, LTC), and successful implementation, the skyrocketing financial technology company announced this week it is now implementing bitcoin cash (BCH) and ripple (XRP) to its basket of cryptos.

The three year old digital bank has a popular prepaid debit card, peer-to-peer payments platform, and both currency and cryptocurrency exchanges for its two million customers. To stay competitive, Revolut operates a loss leader fee structure for many of its services (free). Its proprietary application allows fiat-to-crypto in over two dozen government currencies, serving over 100 countries worldwide. The company’s backend transactions are managed by crypto exchange heavy Bitstamp.

Open and Available to Everyone

“With hundreds of thousands of customers now actively exchanging cryptocurrencies in the app,” Revolut explained in a cheeky announcement, “the popular view was that we needed to add more digital currencies in addition to bitcoin, litecoin and ether. After months of debate and hard work, we’re extremely proud to welcome XRP and BCH to the Revolut app, which means you can now instantly exchange any of our 25 supported fiat currencies directly into XRP and BCH.” 

2 Million Revolut Customers Get More Cryptocurrency Access

And even though many establishments balk at direct crypto commerce and trade, Revolut customers will be able to use either their Mastercard or Visa regardless. Revolut does all the conversions instantly which could go a long way in enabling the currency aspect of cryptocurrency. Premium customers are provided a concierge-like service along with 1% crypto cashbacks.  

“We have always believed that the world of cryptocurrencies should be open and available to everyone, and not reserved for the tech savvy and digital currency enthusiasts,” the company detailed. “So, back in December, we launched a product that would allow millions of our customers to instantly buy, hold and sell cryptocurrencies at the touch of a button. No exchanges. No private keys. No cold storage. Just instant exposure at your fingertips.”

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