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The drama surrounding Canadian cryptocurrency exchange Quadrigacx continues to intensify, with a recent report by Zernoncense claiming that the exchange has no identifiable cold storage reserves and that it has never held more than 1,000 BTC in customer funds.

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Report Refutes Claims of Quadrigacx Owner’s Widow

Report Claims Quadrigacx Never Held More Than 1,000 BTCThe report finds numerous assertions made in the affidavit submitted to Canadian courts on Jan. 31 by Jennifer Roberston, the wife of the exchange’s allegedly deceased chief executive officer, Gerry Cotten, to be false.

The findings have been informed by analysis of Quadrigacx’s BTC and ETH wallets. As the wallet addresses for Quadrigacx “were not widely known,” the report relies on deposit information given to customers that was aggregated from Reddit.

The author notes that the findings are not guaranteed to represent “a factual truth,” however, comparisons between Quadrigacx and the withdrawal practices of known solvent exchanges shows “highly unorthodox” practices.

The analysis was conducted using Walletexplorer, which as the author states was created and is still being used by Chainalysis.

Report Claims Quadrigacx Uses Multi-Signature Wallets

Based on Zerononcense’s findings, the number of BTC held by Quadrigacx is substantially less than that which was reported in Jennifer Robertson’s affidavit.

The analysis finds that there are “no identifiable cold wallet reserves” for Quadrigacx, estimating that the exchange is in possession of less than 1,000 BTC.

The report also claims to evidence transfers totaling approximately 3.53 BTC that occurred on Jan. 24 and Jan. 25, apparently contradicting Robertson’s claims that the exchange’s funds are inaccessible.

Report Claims Quadrigacx Never Held More Than 1,000 BTC

The report also asserts that the numerous wallets used by Quadrigacx had multi-signature capability.

Quadrigacx Accused of Rerouting Customer Funds to Process Withdrawals

According to the report’s findings, Qaudrigacx was “clearly” re-routing payments from customers to process withdrawals, comprising the operation of a “shell or a ponzi.”

The author also asserts that withdrawal delays previously experienced by Quadrigacx customers resulted from the exchange not having the required funds available at the time, adding that in some instances the exchange was “forced to wait for enough customer deposits to be made” before processing withdrawals.

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