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Over the past few months of 2018 flying under the radar, there’s  a new charity aimed at feeding Venezuelan citizens and their children — a group called ‘eat BCH.’ The group has been getting a lot of bitcoin cash (BCH) donations towards feeding the hungry from within the country’s troubled economy. The donations are proving how perfect a peer-to-peer electronic cash system can be for those in need.

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‘Eat BCH’ Feeding Venezuelans With Bitcoin Cash

The Venezuelan economy has been suffering from hyperinflation and a turbulent economy which has left ordinary citizen living on the streets hungry and unemployed. The country’s currency, the bolivar, is so worthless individuals don’t even count the cash anymore; they weigh the fiat stacks on a scale. Over the years since Venezuela’s turmoil has continued to worsen, people have noticed the use of cryptocurrencies has been helping citizens in the region. People and groups from all around the world have been donating to Venezuelans in need, and the country’s citizens have been mining cryptocurrencies as well.

Meet the Charity 'eat BCH' the P2P Electronic Cash-to-Food System

Now a new charitable cause called ‘eat BCH’ has been offering help to Venezuelans suffering from difficult economic times. The group has been collecting bitcoin cash donations for the past few months and have been using the funds to purchase food and feed Venezuelans who are in need of assistance. Nearly every single day for over three months the group’s Twitter handle shows pictures of children and adults getting all kinds of food — and it’s all paid for with bitcoin cash. Many of the Venezuelans in the photographs have the biggest smiles on their face showing how grateful they for the food.

Meet the Charity 'eat BCH' the P2P Electronic Cash-to-Food System

The ‘eat BCH’ group also explains how thankful they are for the BCH community at large for promoting economic freedom and helping Venezuelan citizens. The anonymous Twitter-based charity states on March 11:    

We have a peer-to-peer electronic cash-to-food system

BCH Donations Making Venezuelan Lives Much Easier

The charity solidifies how bitcoin cash can bypass sanctions, banking blockades, and governments, and turn those funds into food that feeds people. “This whole project has shown not only what it’s possible to do with bitcoin cash but also the generosity of the BCH community as a whole,” ‘eat BCH’ explains to its followers. Many of the pictures ‘eat BCH’ shares show children eating food paid for with BCH, the group handing out food bags, and every Saturday the team delivers food to a Venezuelan nursing home.

Meet the Charity 'eat BCH' the P2P Electronic Cash-to-Food System

On March 24 the charitable group ‘eat BCH’ gave food to a group of women at least one child and explained the donations made their lives much easier. The team states that day:

We delivered some of the food bags to needful mothers in this community today — All of these women have at least one child to take care of. Your BCH donations made their lives much easier — Thank you.

So far the ‘eat BCH’ team has received over eight BCH and has documented every time they went out and fed people. Eight BCH may not seem like a lot of money in areas like the U.S., but even a hundred dollars can feed large groups of people in Venezuela. The BCH community has been thrilled to see bitcoin cash in action feeding people in need from within a country suffering from such a disastrous economic situation. One particular group was searching through the garbage looking for food and thanks to the kind donations stemming from BCH proponents they were fed fresh food that day.   

What do you think about the eat BCH charity? Do you think that cryptocurrencies are a great way to promote economic freedom? Let us know what you think about this subject in the comments below.

Images via the @eatBCH Twitter page

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