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Back in December, a new privacy protocol was released for bitcoin cash users called Cash Shuffle. The application has seen steady development since its inception and this week Cash Shuffle developers say that the platform’s alpha testing has been successful and the team has seen lots of testers. After the application’s code is polished up some more, Cash Shuffle will be released to the general public soon.

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Cash Shuffle Development and Testing Progresses

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) proponents will soon see the stable release of a mixing application that will help preserve an individual’s transaction privacy when using the BCH network. The BCH mixer Cash Shuffle was launched this past December and users could use the pre-release version and experiment with the plugin for the BCH wallet Electron Cash. Then in March the blockchain and mining firm Coingeek announced the company would help fund the Cash Shuffle development process. Furthermore, the programmers Josh Ellithorpe, Jonald Fyookball and other developers have been helping progress Cash Shuffle’s development.

Cash Shuffle's BCH Mixer Moves Forward With Steady Testing
A fully confirmed Cash Shuffle transaction.

This week a few developers including Ellithorpe and Fyookball detailed that the Coin Shuffle alpha testing has been going very well.

“We just did a test on Cash Shuffle (alpha) and it worked! A few more things need to be fixed before it can be released to the public, but it’s awfully exciting,” explained one of the mixing platform’s developers on Reddit.

Ellithorpe added to the Reddit post by thanking all the testers experimenting with Cash Shuffle platform.

“Just want to extend a huge thanks to all the testers! Really helps a lot to get support from the community to finally get Cash Shuffle in a stable state for everyone to use,” Ellithorpe emphasized.

Cash Shuffle's BCH Mixer Moves Forward With Steady Testing
Cash Shuffle in action from behind the scenes.

BCH Proponents Can Help Test Cash Shuffle Today

Moreover, Jonald Fyookball details that people can help test the Cash Shuffle platform and learn how to use the application by following this walkthrough. Essentially people have to download Electron Cash 3.3 for Windows or Mac and fund it with at least .0011 BCH. Then users can download the Cash Shuffle protocol (do not unzip) and add the plugin to Electron Cash by selecting the zip file. After that, you’ll be able to see the ‘Shuffle tab,’ select your specified addresses and press shuffle. It will take about 60 seconds for the shuffling process to start and then it should finish. If the transaction ‘times out’ Fyookball says it will be because the liquidity bot is busy helping others, in which case testers should wait five minutes and try again.

Bitcoin Cash supporters were pleased to hear about the progress of Cash Shuffle this week, and look forward to the stable version release. There are not many privacy-centric applications for BCH transactions, but reported on the Bob Wallet development last week which also does some BCH mixing. However, Bob Wallet is still in its initial stages using testnet, and Cash Shuffle looks as though it will be ready first.

Do you look forward to the stable release of the Cash Shuffle application? Let us know your thoughts on this subject in the comment section below.

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